Rhinoplasty with collagen threads

In today’s life, external appearance becomes very important to most people. When you want to impress by your appearance but have a defect in your nose, this affects your life more or less. Don’t worry! There is already a Doctor Beauty Center here, we have a Collagen thread rhinoplasty service to ensure safety and effectiveness […]

Cheek filling with filler injections

Sunken cheeks are a common sign of aging, more clearly it is an inevitable condition of the aging process. In addition to natural aging, sudden weight loss or improper nutrition over a long period of time also causes the cheek area of ​​a woman’s face to become sunken. Therefore, through this article, Doctor Beauty will […]

Filling the temporal region

The temples of the face can be one of the first parts to show symptoms of the aging process, but women often ignore them when performing facial care methods. Therefore, today Doctor Beauty will clarify the harmful effects of sunken temples when women reach the aging period and how to treat it most effectively for […]

Remove static wrinkles and forehead dynamics

With an ever-growing cosmetic technology industry, removing wrinkles from the aging process has become an extremely simple task for any woman with beauty needs. But with so many treatments, choosing a suitable beauty treatment is not simple for everyone. So today Doctor Beauty Center will advise you on forehead wrinkle removal treatments to help you […]

Face lift with thread


Besides the cosmetic method of facelift with Filler or Botox injection, facelift with thread is an equally popular method today. The method brings high efficiency and quality when performed by a specialized cosmetic doctor with solid skills and knowledge in this field. A standard procedure, the level of skin aging is assessed by experts as […]

Heart lip injection with Filler


Heart-shaped lips are a popular choice among many women today because heart-shaped lips make the mouth more beautiful and look full of life when smiling and have feng shui significance as an element that brings luck fortune, prosperity. Performing heart lip injections with Filler brings high efficiency and many outstanding advantages and especially does not […]

Remove wrinkles in the frown area


The frown area is the next most likely place for age-related wrinkles to appear after the cheek grooves. The eye area is at risk of forming wrinkles that seriously affect our appearance. The frown area forms very clear wrinkles, even when you don’t frown, you can still see the wrinkles present. Removing wrinkles in the […]

Remove wrinkles at the corners of the eyes


Wrinkles in the corner of the eyes are one of the main common reasons why you look old quickly and greatly affect your appearance as well as your confidence when communicating and working in life. Removing wrinkles around the corners of the eyes can now be done with many cosmetic interventions combined with eye care […]

Removing nasolabial folds with filler injection


Nasolabial grooves or wrinkles on both sides of the nasolabial groove area are formed over a long period of time and this is clearly visible on each person’s face as we age. Some people show signs of aging earlier than usual. Wrinkles in the nose and cheek area appear early and clearly on the face, […]