Remove wrinkles in the frown area


The frown area is the next most likely place for age-related wrinkles to appear after the cheek grooves. The eye area is at risk of forming wrinkles that seriously affect our appearance. The frown area forms very clear wrinkles, even when you don’t frown, you can still see the wrinkles present. Removing wrinkles in the frown area with medical cosmetic intervention will be an aesthetic measure that brings effective value and does not affect health, so women should pay attention.


Wrinkles in the frown area are not difficult to remove on the face

Causes of wrinkles in the frown area on the face

Wrinkles in the frown area form over time and appear clearly on the facial contours, and they always appear even when we do not smile or frown as the skin ages. The causes that are believed to be the precursors to the appearance of wrinkles in the frown area include:

  • Skin aging with age causes collagen and Elastin in the skin to lose its original amount, leading to poor elasticity, wrinkled skin that is no longer natural, and sagging skin that looks prematurely aged.
  • The habit of frowning is the main cause of wrinkle formation because facial muscles in this position have to work continuously.
  • The effects of UVA and UVB rays in sunlight are harmful to the skin, causing signs of aging and wrinkles to form.
  • Using polluted water and air causes skin health to be significantly affected.
  • Unscientific skin care, exposure to sunlight and light from electronic devices, and indiscriminate use of makeup products leave the skin unprotected and form wrinkles.

The subject should remove wrinkles from the frown area


Reputable beauty salon helps remove wrinkles safely

Removing wrinkles in the frown area is considered a cosmetic option to help maintain our youthful beauty and vibrant skin. Therefore, anyone can participate in removing wrinkles in the frown area as long as you have a need to improve your skin and want to maintain facial beauty. The safest and most suitable age is people 18 years old or older, these people are most likely to have wrinkles in the frown area.

Subjects who have aesthetic needs to help their faces become gentle, gentle, and not look fierce or frowning are the subjects who should remove wrinkles in the eyebrow area. Subjects are in good health, do not have skin diseases or have no history of allergies to anesthetic ingredients, muscle relaxants, etc.

Method to remove wrinkles in the frown area without surgical intervention

Removing frown wrinkles without surgical intervention is one of the popular methods chosen by many people because of the safety of the method as well as the convenience it brings. If you want to beautify your skin and tighten the frown area, you can apply one of the following methods:

Filler injections remove wrinkles in the frown area

This is the most common method of removing wrinkles in the frown area today by inserting filler under the skin. Fillers help fill in sunken skin tissue, lost during muscle contraction or skin aging, helping wrinkles disappear and skin become more elastic and visibly more vibrant.


Remove frown lines with Filler injections

Injecting Filler into the skin of the eyebrows and middle of the forehead has a higher risk than injecting Filler into other locations on the face. The main effect can be necrosis or vision effects, so you need to find a trustworthy dentist and doctor to perform the procedure. The angioscope is used to inject fillers at the correct location, ensuring depth to prevent Filler from being inserted into the blood vessels causing dangerous side effects to occur.

Remove frown lines with Botox injections for the skin

Botox injection to remove wrinkles in the frown area is the first quick and effective cosmetic method thought of because it reduces the risk of complications or side effects for the patient. After being injected into the skin, Botox will prevent nerve reactions that cause muscle contraction in the frown area, helping the muscles relax and gradually improve skin wrinkles in this area.

Is removing wrinkles in the frown area painful?

Patients will always be anesthetized when injecting fillers or Botox to remove wrinkles in the frown area. Therefore, pain and discomfort during injection do not occur at all during the process. Some patients with good pain tolerance will still not need to use anesthetics. From here we can see that injecting fillers or Botox is not at all as painful as what you worry about.

The process of injecting fillers and Botox into the skin to safely and completely remove wrinkles in the frown area will include the following steps:

  • Examination to determine skin wrinkles and health status.
  • Provide a suitable plan for each subject and quote a price for non-surgical frown wrinkle removal to the patient.
  • Sterilize tools and prepare active ingredients to remove wrinkles.
  • Skin sterilization and anesthesia.
  • Injecting fillers or Botox into the skin area that needs to remove wrinkles. If injecting fillers, it will be combined with the use of a vascular scanner to ensure absolute safety.
  • Clean the skin again and finish the skin wrinkle removal process.


Possesses beautiful lines after removing wrinkles on face

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