Removing nasolabial folds with filler injection


Nasolabial grooves or wrinkles on both sides of the nasolabial groove area are formed over a long period of time and this is clearly visible on each person’s face as we age. Some people show signs of aging earlier than usual. Wrinkles in the nose and cheek area appear early and clearly on the face, making them look older and causing them to lose confidence when communicating. Don’t worry because with the safe Filler injection method, nose wrinkles will be erased after 6 to 8 months for each injection treatment, quickly returning youthful beauty.


Safely remove nasolabial folds with Filler (filler)

The formation of nasolabial folds on the facial skin

Nasolabial grooves appear in both men and women, appearing at all ages, causing us to lose our inherent confidence when communicating, smiling and talking with others. The real causes of this characteristic appearing on the face include:

The cause is due to the individual’s constitution

Genetic factors can be decisive as well as changes in hormones within the body, causing many obvious changes in the skin. One of those changes is that the quality of the skin is reduced, causing wrinkles to form on the skin, cheeks drooping, wrinkles on both sides of the lips forming and spreading, lengthening so that many people can see them. see clearly.

Causes from outside

The effects of sunlight, dust from pollution, cigarette smoke, light from electronic devices, unhealthy eating habits, etc. These things cause the skin to age more quickly than normal. The normal process of pigmentation and skin cells increases free radicals, forming sagging skin and causing wrinkles that are difficult to recover from.


Filler injections bring quick wrinkle removal effect on facial skin

Continuous activity of cheek and nose muscles

Emotions expressed on the face such as smiling, crying, sad, angry, repeated continuously will form skin wrinkles on both sides of the nose and cheeks, aging causes sagging skin. Over a long period of time, skin wrinkles will form deeper and deeper and tend to be unable to return to the original state because muscle contraction is a maintained habit.

How safe is Filler injection to remove nasolabial folds?

Dermal fillers or Filler are active ingredients that can help quickly remove wrinkles on the cheeks and nose by filling in damaged skin areas with folds under the skin, helping to regain the original appearance as well as improve the appearance of skin. Defects on facial skin. Fillers inserted under the skin help stimulate collagen production, giving a confident, perfect appearance to the face by quickly removing cheek-nose lines.

Filler injections are considered very safe because the fillers will be eliminated from the body after a short time of being inserted into the skin. The effects of Filler injection to remove cheek and nose lines include:

  • Quickly fills the volume of skin lacking cells to create a lifting effect for the face, removing wrinkles and smile lines.
  • Stimulates skin rejuvenation without surgery thanks to Filler ingredients that increase water absorption, produce skin Collagen and reduce the risk of aging.
  • Creating balance for the face is what is achieved when performing Filler injections.

Advantages of the method of removing nasolabial folds using Filler on facial skin

Filler injection to remove cheek and nose grooves is a licensed method of safety when performed by a professional, highly skilled cosmetic surgeon who clearly understands the working process. The method brings outstanding advantages such as:

  • The treatment effect is visible after the filler injection ends.
  • Cheap cost and time saving
  • Less likely to cause complications affecting health later
  • Quick recovery time after treatment

Along with the advantages that many people are interested in, the method still has some limitations such as some patients will have light bleeding but it will end, patients who are too sensitive may have itching or hives. . Filler injections must be repeated after a maximum of 24 months or sooner depending on the patient’s condition.


Regain youthfulness on the face when removing cheek-nose lines on women’s skin

Filler injection procedure removes wrinkles around the nasolabial folds and cheeks

Filler injections reduce the formation of wrinkles around the cheeks and nasolabial folds, helping the skin become shiny and full of vitality. This includes the following basic steps:

  • Step 1: Assess the condition of skin wrinkles on the face and mark the location where Filler injection is needed to remove wrinkles.
  • Step 2: Clean the skin as well as sterilize relevant medical equipment.
  • Step 3: Local anesthesia is used to reduce pain during Filler injection.
  • Step 4: The doctor injects Filler into the pre-marked positions. This process lasts from 5 to 15 minutes and the doctor may perform additional injections until the best results are achieved.
  • Step 5: Clean the skin after completing the Filler injection, instruct the patient to monitor and conduct skin care at home and schedule a follow-up appointment.

Address to remove nasolabial folds with reputable Filler today


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  • Highly skilled specialist, with many years of experience and formal specialized training.
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  • Clean, antiseptic environment and ensuring sterile effectiveness.
  • Clear and safe filler origin combined with modern equipment supports the most accurate Filler injection into the skin.
  • Diverse cosmetic services suitable to the patient’s purposes and requirements.

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