Face lift with thread


Besides the cosmetic method of facelift with Filler or Botox injection, facelift with thread is an equally popular method today. The method brings high efficiency and quality when performed by a specialized cosmetic doctor with solid skills and knowledge in this field. A standard procedure, the level of skin aging is assessed by experts as not too “bad” will bring very surprising and desirable results for women when tightening their face with thread.


Women should pay attention to facelift procedures to help them look perfectly beautiful

Learn about the thread facelift method

A thread facelift is a method of using biological thread to put under the skin then perform a stretch by anchoring the thread to the adhesion points on the face. This method helps the skin to be stretched but does not want surgical intervention because after being inserted under the skin and the thread will stimulate the skin to produce collagen and elastin to bring visible rejuvenating effects.

Advantages of facelift with thread

Thread lift can be performed in positions such as eyebrows, neck lift and forehead lift, etc. Facial thread tightening can be performed in different positions to meet the needs of maintaining youthful facial beauty and ensure safety based on the advice of a skilled doctor. And can be The meThe method brings many outstanding advantages that are difficult to achieve with other skin tightening methods, including is :

  • The time to perform a facelift with thread is quick.
  • Recovery time after the procedure is fast.
  • Does not cost much and is less invasive, does not leave scars on the skin surface, does not cause damage to the skin
  • Less likely to cause dangerous complications such as infection.
  • Facelift with thread may cause slight swelling and slight bruising but will go away on its own after a short recovery period
  • Daily activities are affected and the patient’s work is not affected at all.
  • After facelift with thread and you will feel that your skin is 5 to 10 years younger than your real age. Its maintenance effect lasts from 3 to 5 years for older people and from 5 to 8 years compared to young people.

Are there any risks to facelift with thread?


Facelift with thread removed on skin wrinkles

Thread lift is a method that is considered safe, less likely to cause complications than other methods on the market today, but there will still be risks for us if we do not do it because Professional doctors and trustworthy beauty salons. Doctors and patients need to take the wrong steps to collect medical history before performing the procedure, sterilize equipment, etc. If those necessary safety conditions are ignored, the patient may encounter complications. Particularly dangerous complications include:

  • The patient has life-threatening anaphylactic shock due to anesthetic allergy.
  • The skin is shrunken or convex due to the wrong layer of suture due to not using the correct suture technique.
  • Damage to nerves under the skin if facelift is performed using incorrect technique.
  • Skin necrosis, purple swelling and edema caused by infection.
  • Pain and discomfort after the anesthetic wears off or because the suture under the skin is too tight.

Procedure and skin care when tightening face with thread


Eliminate signs of aging with a facelift

To be able to ensure the most optimal facelift effect as well as ensure that there are no complications or any other dangers when using threads to rejuvenate the skin, a doctor is needed. must be carried out technically and in accordance with all prescribed procedures. The skin tightening procedure includes the following specific steps:

  • The doctor conducts an investigation of the patient’s medical history and monitors the condition of sagging skin.
  • Mark the facial area that needs to be threaded to tighten the skin.
  • Inject anesthetics, disinfect skin and medical instruments.
  • Thread the thread under the skin through the previously marked points, then stretch to create balance and elasticity for the skin. Repeat this step until all the positions marked in the previous steps are covered.
  • Instruct patients on skin care, diet, prescribe medication and schedule follow-up appointments.


Facelift with thread helps you look younger than your real age

To optimize the effectiveness of maintaining beauty and skin care after a thread lift and  patients need to develop a scientific diet as well as “expert” skin care. These include:

  • Do not scratch or arbitrarily apply pressure to the newly tightened skin area to minimize the risk of hematoma or bleeding.
  • Do not use excessive facial muscle activity to avoid causing pain, skin damage or breaking the thread that has just been implanted in the skin.
  • UV rays are the main reason why the skin at the implanted sites becomes dark and bruises appear. Therefore, patients need to limit exposure to sunlight as much as possible, stay away from direct sunlight, and cover up carefully when going out.
  • After the thread has been inserted into the skin for 5 to 7 days and the patient should only eat soft foods.
  • Avoid eating foods that can cause keloid scars such as spinach, eggs, limit eating seafood, fishy foods, greasy foods…
  • Avoid drinking carbonated drinks and stimulants because they may increase the possibility of skin infections.
  • Follow-up check-ups according to the weekly appointment schedule to help the cosmetic doctor best understand the skin condition.

Patients who need to tighten their facial skin with threads should contact Dr. Harvard for advice and support. Dr. Vinh Nhan and a team of good cosmetic doctors will be the ones to directly help you get naturally shiny skin. At 299 Duong Dinh Nghe Street, An Hai Bac Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang, patients will find suitable cosmetic solutions.

Dr. Harvard provides a standard thread implantation process, ensuring safety without causing complications, which is what patients experience. Beauty is not difficult, you just need to find a high-quality cosmetic facility that provides reliable services.

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