Heart lip injection with Filler


Heart-shaped lips are a popular choice among many women today because heart-shaped lips make the mouth more beautiful and look full of life when smiling and have feng shui significance as an element that brings luck fortune, prosperity. Performing heart lip injections with Filler brings high efficiency and many outstanding advantages and especially does not require invasive health risks.


Heart lip injection with Filler at Dr Harvard

What is heart lip injection? The current need for heart lip injections

Heart lip injection is a popular cosmetic method because it helps women possess attractive lips with the right shape to suit their needs. Normally, heart-shaped lips will have the shape of the upper lip from the philtrum line, which will be thin, raised and symmetrical; The middle part of the lips is located right in the middle of the philtrum on the face to create a highlight. The two sides of the upper lip are thin, pointed at the tip, and the lower lip is plump, creating attraction, different from conventional lip shapes.

Young people today love heart-shaped lip injections because this lip shape is owned by many Korean idols and they look very pretty and luxurious as well as seductive when they smile. In addition to the “Idol-chasing” reason and girls like to have a pretty and charming smile with sexy heart-shaped lips. The face becomes more harmonious after shaping the heart-shaped lips using the appropriate method.

Are heart-shaped lip injections painful and dangerous for the person receiving the injection?

Heart-shaped lip injection will anesthetize the patient, so during the procedure you will have absolutely no pain or discomfort. After 2 to 3 hours after completing the lip injection and you will feel tension and slight swelling in your lips. Besides, if you are a person with a sensitive body and you will definitely feel pain and discomfort after the anesthetic no longer works.


Heart lip injection with Filler will help you own attractive lips

After 3 to 5 days, your lips will no longer be uncomfortable and swollen or painful and the lip shape will be formed as intended for the previous lip injection. Heart lip injections are absolutely not dangerous or affect your health if performed by a reputable cosmetic doctor. Fillers will be eliminated from the body through the excretory system after a short time of being injected into the skin. However, if you detect any abnormalities and you should still contact a cosmetic doctor for immediate assistance.

In some cases, lip injections can have some dangerous complications such as bruising, pain, inflammation, etc. The causes of these complications come from:

  • Using poor quality Filler, containing impurities or toxic ingredients.
  • Filler injection into the lips is too deep under the skin and accidentally injecting the filler into the blood vessels.
  • Overdosing on Filler injections will lead to tight lips.
  • Not sterilizing needles and Filler injection equipment can cause dangerous infections.
  • Do not ensure abstinence when eating, drinking and skin care after injecting Filler to create a heart lip shape.

Filler heart lip injection method


Heart-shaped lips bring a radiant look to women

Heart lip injection with Filler is a cosmetic method that women choose to beautify and is commonly applied today with very high safety and effectiveness. Heart-shaped lip injections with Filler help you have beautiful, attractive lips immediately and without causing pain or swelling in the long term.

Filler used to inject into the lips is a filler whose main ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid, whose structure resembles the natural structures inside cells, so it is very safe, benign, and unlikely to cause irritation. This effect is achieved when performing cosmetic procedures with a reputable cosmetic unit on the market.

Heart lip injections with Filler bring many important advantages that you may not know if you don’t learn about them. Some of the advantages to mention include:

  • Non-invasive, painless shaping method and does not cause damage to the cells below the epidermal tissue of the injected subject’s lips
  • Using high quality filler with clear origin will bring extremely high efficiency and is very safe for health.
  • The method is carried out in a short time without wasting time.
  • Suitable for many different subjects.
  • Be proactive in changing different lip shapes to suit your face.


Lip injections with Filler are not dangerous

Besides the advantages, there are still disadvantages that patients must consider when needing to have heart lip injections with Filler. Disadvantages include:

  • The time to maintain the beauty of lip shape only lasts about 1.5 to 3 years.
  • Lips that are too thin or lips that are too thick will make it difficult to shape the desired heart shape
  • It is necessary to determine the correct source, origin and ingredients of Filler to ensure patient safety.

Procedure for heart lip injection with Filler

To ensure safety when performing heart lip injections with Filler and the patient will be directly examined by a cosmetic doctor, determining detailed medical history and shaping the appropriate lip shape based on the customer’s wishes. , determine the amount of Filler to inject into the lips. The doctor will check the condition of the lips and measure the proportions and shape of the lips to create harmony for the face. If the lips have wounds, Filler will not be injected to make heart lips.

Cosmetic doctors incubate the skin around the lips and lips for 30 to 45 minutes to help patients feel secure and reduce pain when injecting Filler. The cosmetic doctor directly injects filler into the lips and advises on skin care, diet and medication (if necessary) and makes a follow-up appointment for the client.

Above is information related to heart lip injections with Filler that you may need to learn. Currently, Dr Harvard Da Nang Beauty Salon is a professional unit in performing lip aesthetics that patients can trust. A highly skilled and well-trained cosmetic surgeon will directly help patients achieve the beautiful appearance they desire.

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