What is the recovery process like after liposuction of the cheek area?

Cheek liposuction or cheek fat bag removal is the most effective and popular facial slimming surgery today. Cheek liposuction has a quick recovery time for Dian in only 2 to 7 days, patients do not need to abstain too much but still bring the expected cosmetic effect.

Cheek liposuction is surgery that does not leave scars

Learn about cheek liposuction

Cheek liposuction is a surgical procedure aimed at removing fat from the cheek area on both sides of the cheeks, resulting in a slimmer face, revealing the patient’s cheekbones. Cheek fat is located deep under the cheeks, located in muscle mass and muscle weight varies according to each person’s constitution. In fact, some people have large or small cheek fat pockets and most of these are genetic factors so it is difficult to reduce them through weight loss or exercise.

Pros and cons of cheek liposuction surgery

Any cosmetic method brings certain advantages and disadvantages. Cheek liposuction is no exception and specifically as follows:


Cheek liposuction is considered a safe cosmetic method as well as having very optimal aesthetics because it leaves absolutely no scars. Cheek liposuction is performed on the inner cheeks, not the outer cheeks as many people mistakenly think.

Cheek liposuction helps slim the face

The face becomes slim and sharp thanks to the removal of fat that causes the face to have unsightly features. Besides, cheek liposuction has results that last over time even if you gain weight.

Cheek liposuction is performed in a short time of less than 30 minutes, but the recovery speed is very fast.


The risk of the cheeks becoming more sunken as we get older is a disadvantage of the method because with age cheek fat as well as facial muscles will shrink over time.

If too much cheek fat is removed, you will definitely experience a haggard face, so you need to be very careful. If the amount of fat on both cheeks is removed unbalancedly, the face will definitely lose symmetry.

Recovery process after cheek liposuction

How long it takes for cheek liposuction to heal is the top concern of many women who want to perform this cosmetic method. With a very simple procedure performed by a cosmetic doctor, liposuction heals quickly within 3 to 7 days depending on each patient’s condition.

Recovery after liposuction requires careful monitoring

After about 2 or 3 days after cheek fat removal, the patient can eat, drink and live as usual. After 5 to 7 days, the patient will completely heal, but still need to pay attention to dental health and eat as healthily as possible. We should not forget to conduct examinations and examinations with a specialist to be able to evaluate the healing speed.

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