What are the components that make up the lip structure?

To be able to own plump and attractive lips, many women often use cosmetic methods such as heart lip plastic surgery, thick lip reduction. Let’s learn in detail about the composition of the structure of lip skin to better understand this organ!

Explore the structural composition of the lips

Characteristics of lip structure

In anatomy, the human lip structure consists of two main components: mucosa and skin. The lip surface is covered by epidermis, hair, sweat glands and sebaceous glands. The inner surface of the lips is adjacent to the oral mucosa and is not keratinized. The lip line contains small capillaries so makeup products such as lipstick can be applied. The shape of the lips is determined by the muscles and soft connective tissue that forms them. At the same time, the structure of the lips changes over time because as we age, the skin becomes thinner, the lips lose their supporting muscle layer, the bone structure changes, and the volume of soft tissue decreases, leading to some changes in the surrounding area. around the mouth. Making them more unbalanced and affecting the aesthetic factor.

Lip shape can change with time and age

Learn in detail about the composition of the lips

Lip epithelial layer

The epidermis of the lip area has many differences compared to the skin epidermis, causing the rate of cell turnover in the epidermis of the lip contour to occur faster than that of the surrounding skin. They function as a barrier but their ability to retain water is much lower than the skin on the face. Similar to skin, the epithelium at the border contains pigment and melanin in the cytoplasm of the basal cells, making the color of the lips more clearly visible.

Middle layer and connective tissue membrane

The epithelium of the lip line lies on the connective tissue layer to ensure continuity of the skin dermis and connective tissue membrane. This connective tissue membrane is composed of collagen fibers and a network of elastin fibers. The deeper parts of the connective tissue membrane located on the dermis of the adipose tissue area contain capillaries that are completely visible to the naked eye. More capillaries in the lip contour than in the skin contribute to accentuating the red color of the lips.

Topology structure

Topology geometric structure has confirmed that each individual will have a different structure. They are similar to the way people identify people using fingerprints. To put it simply, this is the phrase referring to lip prints that people often hear in everyday life. Normally, lip prints can be classified into many ways and are commonly used in forensics and identification.

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