What are the advantages of dermal filler injection procedure?

Filler injections or fillers are one of the safe, fast-acting cosmetic methods available today. Filler injections bring many outstanding advantages that without learning you can hardly grasp everything exactly. The following short sharing will help you better understand this issue, let’s take a look!

Filler Complete your look with Filler injection cosmetic therapy

Learn about Filler injections

Filler injection, also known as dermal filler injection, is a non-invasive medical cosmetic procedure. Filler is injected under the skin with the purpose of covering wrinkles, restoring beauty as well as erasing some defects on the face as well as erasing signs of aging,…

With less than 30 minutes to perform, Filler injections recover in a short time, bringing noticeable beauty results that are effective for several months and even years depending on many different factors.

Uses of dermal filler injections

The effects of dermal filler injections are indicated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for people aged 22 years and older with stable health conditions. In fact, Filler injections provide many important uses, including:

  • Increases the volume of skin injected with fillers and eliminates sagging.
  • Corrects many defects on the face to bring balance and harmony.
  • Removes wrinkles, bringing youthfulness and health to the face.
  • Brings a slimming effect to the face while ensuring beauty and youthfulness.
Correct facial imperfections with fillers

Pros and cons of dermal filler injection procedures

Dermal filler injections take place in a short time and are performed directly by a specialist, bringing highly desirable results.

Advantages of Filler injections

Using Filler to remove facial blemishes brings outstanding advantages, including:

  • Beautifies in a short time while bringing immediate results.
  • Recovery time after Filler injection is quick.
  • Filler injections are not too expensive.
  • The effective time of Filler injection lasts from 6 months to 2 years.

Disadvantages of Filler injections

Besides the advantages, this beauty method also brings certain limitations such as some complications when injecting Filler into the blood vessel site causing temporary blockage of blood vessels or allergies to the drug ingredients. Some people experience facial asymmetry or bleeding, swelling, bruising, and pain when receiving filler injections.

Some sensitive areas can cause necrosis, infection as well as the appearance of lumps and masses under the skin, etc. However, these complications are very rare and only when performed by a doctor. Only non-specialists can cause these serious complications.

Filler injections bring quick results

Customers who need Filler injections to care for and protect their beauty need to find an experienced and highly skilled team to perform the procedure. Dr HARVARD Da Nang with the presence of the professional Dr HARVARD Plastic Surgery team brings peace of mind and trust when accompanying.

With the professionalism and high knowledge of the medical team, typical doctors are Dr Vinh Nhan: Plastic Surgeon, Dr HARVARD Da Nang guarantees that Filler injections are painless, without dangerous complications for all patients. Patients with questions can contact directly to 299 Duong Dinh Nghe Street, Son Tra District, Da Nang City or WhatsApp’s: +84931858579 for quick answers.

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