Remove static wrinkles and forehead dynamics

With an ever-growing cosmetic technology industry, removing wrinkles from the aging process has become an extremely simple task for any woman with beauty needs. But with so many treatments, choosing a suitable beauty treatment is not simple for everyone. So today Doctor Beauty Center will advise you on forehead wrinkle removal treatments to help you choose the best treatments.

  1. What are forehead wrinkles?

The forehead is one of the first places to age on the face. The appearance of wrinkles on the forehead makes a woman’s face look ten years older, making her face appear tired and old. Forehead wrinkles are formed from many different causes. The first is the continuous contraction of the forehead muscles every time we express the emotions of frowning, frowning or even squinting. And each time, wrinkles will appear gradually over time from such repeated expressions. In addition to the cause of facial muscle contractions, similar to other wrinkles on the face, forehead wrinkles are also formed due to the aging process of the female body. There are also many other causes from sunlight, dusty environments, unhealthy diet or regular stress – these factors contribute to making the situation more and more serious.

  1. Method to remove wrinkles on the forehead

2.1. Anti-wrinkle injections with Botox

This is an almost preferred method when treating wrinkles on the face. Your forehead area will be smoothed after the injection process as well as retain the skin’s natural smoothness and elasticity. This substance contributes to paralyzing the muscles in the wrinkle area, causing the skin to shrink less, contributing to a clear reduction of wrinkles. Botox injection process:

  • The patient will be evaluated by a doctor as well as find the appropriate dosage for the wrinkled skin area
  • Clean wrinkled skin areas
  • Perform the injection process

Some notes after injection:

  • After the injection you will have slight swelling in the treated skin area but it will subside after a few days so don’t worry too much.
  • To minimize bruising that appears in the early days, you should limit medications or dietary supplements that cause blood thinning.
  • During this time, you should also limit heavy exercise and rest and let your skin relax to avoid further swelling.

2.2. Filler injections remove static wrinkles on the forehead

This substance works by filling in deep depressions in the skin, similar to Botox injections. The doctor will inject the filler directly into the wrinkles on the forehead to dissolve the wrinkles. The injection process is also performed similarly, quickly and without causing pain to the customer.