Cheek filling with filler injections

Sunken cheeks are a common sign of aging, more clearly it is an inevitable condition of the aging process. In addition to natural aging, sudden weight loss or improper nutrition over a long period of time also causes the cheek area of ​​a woman’s face to become sunken. Therefore, through this article, Doctor Beauty will dig deeper into this aging symptom and extremely effective treatment for women!

  1. What is sunken cheek filling?

Sunken cheeks come from many causes. Although aging is the main cause of sunken cheeks, we cannot ignore other objective factors that lead to it such as:

  • Gradual loss of bone density causes facial volume to be reduced
  • Loss of facial muscle tissue volume causes the cheeks to become sunken and no longer plump

Over time, it will make women’s faces visibly lifeless as well as reduce the charm of their faces.

  1. Technique of filling cheeks with filler injections

This is an extremely simple technique for filling out sunken cheeks. Depending on the skin area and aging, choose the corresponding type of Filler. However, Filler injections to plump the cheeks only have a temporary effect for 9-12 months, after which you can return to the cosmetic center and ask for a doctor’s opinion to continue treatment.

  1. Note before injecting Cheek Filler
  • Patients should not take blood thinners or anti-inflammatory drugs 2-3 weeks before receiving Filler injections.
  • Avoid pain relievers and include dietary supplements.
  • In addition, you should avoid drinking alcohol 24 hours before performing Filler injection.
  1. Injection proceduce

Step 1: Meet a doctor to determine the condition of the skin area that needs treatment in order to give accurate advice as well as determine the amount of filler needed to be injected. Step 2: Take basic steps to clean the skin area to avoid infection. Step 3: Proceed with filler injection. Step 4: Apply more antibiotic ointment to the patient.