All about effective rhinoplasty with Surgiform cartilage

Advances in the field of plastic surgery have brought many methods of enhancing appearance and giving confidence to a lot of people today. Among them, Surgiform cartilage rhinoplasty has become a popular method to improve facial appearance and is attracting attention to the beauty community with its advantages of effectiveness and naturalness. Here are all you need to know about this technology.

What is Surgiform Cartilage?

Surgiform is a cartilage made entirely from ePTFE, a material that is safe in the medical field and often used as an artificial blood vessel. This material has been certified safe by the US Drug Administration and licensed for use in the human body.

Surgiform cartilage is designed with millions of tiny ultrafine pores, which facilitate blood access and penetrate deep into the cartilage structure. This creates a strong attachment between the cartilage and the nasal bones, which helps maintain stability and durability during structural rhinoplasty. Therefore, Surgiform’s flexibility and elasticity make it an ideal material for use in plastic surgery, often the preferred choice during rhinoplasty procedures.

Surgiform cartilage is easily compatible with all body types, so complications after rhinoplasty are rare.

Rhinoplasty procedure using Surgiform cartilage

Surgiform rhinoplasty usually begins with a consultation with the surgeon to determine the patient’s wishes. Then, a suitable material option such as Surgiform will be chosen to shape the nose.

This rhinoplasty procedure usually does not require open surgery, minimizing risks and recovery time. Surgiform cartilage is cut to the desired size and shape, then injected into the nose through small incisions. This process requires high precision from the doctor to ensure natural and beautiful results.

Advantages of rhinoplasty with Surgiform cartilage

Nature: The high compatibility between Surgiform cartilage and the body’s natural structure helps create natural and harmonious results.

Safe: Surgiform is crafted from natural cartilage, reducing the risk of allergic reactions and other medical problems.

No need for open surgery: This method minimizes invasiveness and recovery time compared to traditional methods.

Recovery time and post-operative care

After rhinoplasty with Surgiform cartilage, the doctor will give instructions on how to care for and keep the nose from being impacted during the recovery period. Recovery time is usually shorter than with traditional methods and patients can return to daily activities quickly.

Rhinoplasty with Surgiform cartilage is safe and highly durable

Risks of rhinoplasty with Surgiform cartilage

Although Surgiform rhinoplasty has fewer risks than some other methods, problems such as swelling, pain, and uneven nose size can still occur. To minimize risks, surgery should be performed by an experienced and professional doctor.

Rhinoplasty with Surgiform cartilage is a perfect choice for those who want to improve their nose shape naturally and safely. Surgiform’s versatility and effectiveness have made it a trend in the field of cosmetic surgery. However, before deciding to have surgery, patients should consult carefully with their doctor to ensure that this method is suitable for their wishes and health condition.

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