Signs to change breast implants that you need to know

Breast augmentation surgery is a popular procedure that helps women get the desired physique and boost confidence. However, after a period of use, breast implants can undergo some modifications and sometimes changing or even removing them is really necessary. Here are the signs and times that your doctor may look to decide whether to perform this procedure.

What signs must women know to be able to change breast implants in time?

General information about Breast Implant Change Surgery

Breast implant replacement surgery is a process that requires high precision and technique from the doctor because it is intended to remove implants or materials that were previously implanted during breast reconstruction or augmentation surgery. The procedure will make skin incisions along the lines of previous surgical scars on the mammary gland or along the folds under the breast.

This corrective surgery aims to improve the aesthetics and feel of the breasts. It helps relieve pain from capsular contracture, boost self-confidence and improve the natural shape of the breasts.

Most post-operative patients can perform light activities the day after surgery and can return to work in about 2 weeks. However, to ensure optimal recovery, patients should avoid strenuous activities for at least 4-5 weeks after surgery.

When do women need to change or even remove breast implants?

Change in natural shape: Breast implants become uneven, unbalanced or malformed compared to their original state. When the natural shape of the breast is not maintained, an implant exchange may be necessary to recreate the desired shape.

Breast Implant Wear and tear: Breast implants begin to lose elasticity, causing the breasts to sag and lose their original shape. If the breast implant is many years old and shows signs of damage or alteration due to environmental factors, replacing the breast implant will help maintain elasticity and natural shape.

It is necessary to periodically check breast implants so that they can be changed promptly if the above signs are present

Breast Implant Stretch Marks: The appearance of stretch marks on the surface of breast implants, which can occur due to rapid expansion or genetic factors. If stretch marks become too prominent and cause discomfort or self-consciousness, changing breast implants will be the optimal solution.

Risk of Breast Implant rupture: Feeling of bleeding, color or discharge from the breast implant. If there are signs of leakage, removing the implant will help prevent increased risk of infection and damage.

Change breast implants promptly to prevent infection and the risk of breast cancer

Infection or inflammation in the chest area: Swelling, pain, redness or signs of infection in the chest area. If there are any signs of infection, removal of the implant is important to prevent the spread of infection.

The decision to replace or remove breast implants during breast augmentation surgery depends on many factors, including the patient’s health, signs of breast implants, and personal preferences. Before any decision, discussion and consultation with your doctor is important to ensure the surgical procedure is performed safely and effectively.

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