Cosmetic internal medecine

Price list

Internal cosmetic surgery

1. Botox Injections
Remove wrinkles forehead lines with Botox6.000.000
Remove wrinkles Frown's lines with Botox3.000.000
Remove wrinkles Crow's feet lines with Botox2.000.000
Relax Depressor Anguli Oris Mucles (DAO) with Botox3.000.000
Relax Chin Mucles (Chin Stone) with Botox4.000.000
Relax massector mucles with Botox7.000.000
2. Dermal Filler Injections ( /1CC)
Improve facial defects with Korean filler5.000.000
Improve facial defects with Switzerland filler8.000.000
Improve facial defects with Juverdem filler10.000.000
3. Facelift threads
Nose augmentation by threads15.000.000
Forehead lift by threads25.000.000
Facelift by threads30.000.000 – 50.000.000