Rhinoplasty with collagen threads

In today’s life, external appearance becomes very important to most people. When you want to impress by your appearance but have a defect in your nose, this affects your life more or less. Don’t worry! There is already a Doctor Beauty Center here, we have a Collagen thread rhinoplasty service to ensure safety and effectiveness for you. So what is thread rhinoplasty? Is it safe? And what things to know when you have a rhinoplasty done with collagen thread? Let’s find out with Doctor Beauty Center!

  1. What is thread rhinoplasty? How is it done?

Collagen thread method is a cosmetic nose lift method from Korea that is quite safe and is chosen by women for beauty purposes. Rhinoplasty with thread is a form of nose lift where the doctor will use a specialized type of thread. This type of thread has many spikes located on the body with the effect of sticking to the tissues inside your nose bridge and thereby helping to lift your nose bridge by stretching the tissues in the nose. Rhinoplasty is only performed in about 20 minutes. First, the doctor will consider the shape of your nose, then will inject anesthetic during the thread implantation process. Rhinoplasty thread will be inserted straight into the nose with a specialized needle to implant it into the nose tissue to fix the thread.

  1. What is the difference between thread rhinoplasty and rhinoplasty?

If you are interested in cosmetic rhinoplasty, you are probably asking the question: “Is thread augmentation better than rhinoplasty?”. We will show you some of the different characteristics between the two forms to give you a better overview of the rhinoplasty method:

  • In terms of price, thread rhinoplasty has a lower average price than rhinoplasty surgery.
  • Rhinoplasty with thread is performed within 20 minutes while traditional rhinoplasty takes about 45 minutes for the whole process.
  • After the nose reshaping process, you will not need recovery time like the traditional method.
  1. Is thread rhinoplasty safe?

Surely many customers are still concerned about rhinoplasty because of fear of pain, high cost, and long recovery time. The Collagen thread nose lift method was born to solve all those concerns, with the advantages of being a safe, painless method that quickly shapes your nose.

  1. Things to know when performing rhinoplasty with Collagen thread
  • Irritation to the body: Many people may be sensitive to Collagen thread and can cause complications when performing rhinoplasty. There are many serious cases leading to prolonged nose bleeding, rhinitis, etc. Therefore, before performing rhinoplasty, you need to carefully ask your doctor and see if your medical history is sensitive to Collagen thread to avoid unfortunate consequences after rhinoplasty.
  • This method does not bring long-term results. On average, your nose will keep its shape for about 8-12 months. After that, you will have to have additional thread implants to keep your nose shape.
  • Causes infection: In establishments with unreliable operations and low hygiene conditions, it can be extremely dangerous if it is placed inside your nose. Doctor Beauty Center can ensure this reputation when performing your nose job.

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