Filling the temporal region

The temples of the face can be one of the first parts to show symptoms of the aging process, but women often ignore them when performing facial care methods. Therefore, today Doctor Beauty will clarify the harmful effects of sunken temples when women reach the aging period and how to treat it most effectively for women!

  1. What is a hipped temple?

The phenomenon of sunken temples often occurs naturally with each person’s age and the body’s aging process. In particular, this comes from aging bones, fat mass, muscle and fascia.

  1. Injections to fill the temporal area

Usually, when women notice these flaws, they ignore them or simply cover them with their hair. However, this is unnatural for women and also causes many problems in life when they let their hair cover it. Currently, there are many simple treatment methods that do not require recovery time such as Filler injections or autologous fat grafting that can make the temple area rejuvenate. The purpose of the injection will be to replace atrophied tissue, creating a smoother transition area in the temple, thereby restoring balance to the face.

  1. Pros and cons of temporal area filling injections


  • The procedure is quick and painless
  • No recovery time required
  • Brings immediate results


  • With Filler injection, the time to maintain the results is quite short
  • May cause swelling or bruising in some sensitive patients